Facebook Page

From my audience research I found that my target audience were avid users of social media, especially Facebook. Therefore I have created a Facebook page, ‘Game Over Movie’ to promote the film, this will enable my target audience to actively engage in discussion of the film like they have done with previous films.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 15.21.18

This screen shot shows the construction of the Facebook page where I was able to add the plot within the information section.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 15.35.28

Here I have used the movie poster image as the profile picture for the page. I have also used an areas of the poster as the cover photo for the page. This makes it look attractive and exciting.

In terms of the content I have included an interview with a member of the target audience who discusses what he thinks about this film, this will hopefully get members of the audience excited about the film.

I also added images of the storyboards I drew during the planning stages, this aims to tease the audience about the storyline without giving too much away. This also gives the audience an insight into ‘behind the scenes’ which a lot of film do usually via via YouTube.

The purpose of this Facebook page is to create hype for the film.


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