Trailer feedback

This is my first attempt at editing to create a trailer, after finishing this I posted it on Youtube, embedded it into an online survey and asked for my audience for feedback.

trailer survey

trailer survey2

I posted the link on my Twitter page using the hash tag ‘#horror’, I did this to achieve a wide audience and especially targetting those who follow the hash tag, this will target the niche audience of horror fans.

trailer survey3

I also posted the link to the survey on my Facebook page as the majority of friends I have on Facebook are between 15-24 which is the audience I am marketing the promotional package to therefore getting their feedback is essential.

trailer feedback1

From my audience feedback I learnt that I needed to make some final changes to my trailer, the feedback suggested that I should make more cuts to some scenes to build up suspense a little more, someone suggested I should “give a clue or hint that the girl should be killed” therefore I plan to re-shoot a couple more scenes and edit them into the trailer. The same user commented saying how the music does not go with storyline therefore I plan to change the soundtrack which builds suspense as well as being eerie. Overall my audience said that they liked the concept and idea of my trailer however needed to make a few more changes to the trailer.


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